Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Medical Mission

Our medical team has returned home after two weeks working in the small town of Juanjui, Peru, and several villages along the Rio Hullaga and far reaches of the Rio Alto Huayabamba.
Through the kindness of the Catholic Medical Mission Board,(CMMB) New York City, and Brother’s Brother Foundation,(BBF) Pittsburgh, PA, we were able to bring some much needed medications and anti-biotics to people in some of the poorest areas of the country.
Directing the Medical team was an excellent Physician from Plant City, FL, accompanied by two exceptional Nurses from Brandon, FL and San Antonio, TX. As in June, three Ophthamalogy doctors from Lima, Peru, joined The Luz Fund mission team to continue eye exams, treatments and surgery.
Along with about 500 medical patients seen by our medical team, approximately 600 Eye Exams
were processed. The team worked at the brand new Regional Juanjui Hospital for the Poor
for the first week. We then travelled to several river villages during week two.

Every visit to Juanjui brings new experiences, new friends, and new opportunities to do God’s will by helping those in need. This time we visited two children in their home, Frank, 12 yrs old, and his sister Tatiana, 6 yrs old.(see photos at right) Both children suffer from the same birth defect, bi-lateral club feet that turn inward at the ankles. We hope to interest Shriners Hospital, Tampa to take them as patients.
Arturo Ullao Guerra, the young boy whose photo is also on our blog, is still in Los Ninos Hospital, Lima, while we continue to await completion of treatment for his blood
infection problems.

A photo slide show of the mission activities will be available soon.

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