Monday, June 20, 2011

Eye Care Mission a Success

Photos from Eye Care Mission
Our Eye Care Mission to Juanjui, Peru, climaxed last week with 17 surgeries by Dr Javier Geronimo Meza. This mission was a great cooperative effort initiated by The Luz Fund. The Institute of Optometry and Science, VOSH International, The Carlos Slim Foundation and the Clinton Giustra Foundation, through the Sustainable Growth Initiative, combined forces which resulted in 1300 eye exams, and the distribution of close to 600 eyeglasses. Dr Meza returned to Juanjui June 25 & 26 for free cataract surgery, courtesy of the Clinton Foundation, for those discovered through our week of diagnostic work. In all, 57 Pyterigium and 45 Cataract surgeries were completed.

All this has come as a result of last October's Medical Mission. Several nurses on that mission had brought attention to many eye disorders among the patients they were seeing for other health issues. We expect our October 2011 Medical Mission will include a Cardiologist and a Neurologist as well as another Optometry team to continue the Eye Care program.

The brand new Juanjui Hospital for the Poor is expected to be open within a month and dedication scheduled for July. We had a tour of the shiny new facility and are looking forward to using it in October.

Thank You for your continued support of our work in Peru.

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