Friday, August 24, 2018

Scholarship Opportunity -


In advance of our next medical mission to Juanjui, Peru, The Luz Fund is offering a Scholarship Opportunity for all senior high school students.  The winners will receive an expense paid ten(10) day visit to Hogar San Francisco de Asis, in Chaclacayo, Peru.  In return, the students will be asked to volunteer their time at the Hogar to assist the resident children in their daily activities.
The following is information regarding this opportunity, however, there is much more. 
You can also read the posting at the right, lower section, Hogar San Francisco de Asis
 Please contact us for full information.

Scholarship Opportunity
Expenses paid for 10 day trip to volunteer at: 
Hogar San Francisco de Asis,
Chaclacayo, Peru, SA

TRAVEL DATES:  To be determined, Spring, 2019(Close of school year)

FOR:  Qualified H. S. students, Grade 11, or 12;   
College & College age Students and Young Adults;  

*Round Trip Air Fare; One week residence; Meals with children & staff of the Hogar.
(*POD - Tampa, Florida)

August 1, 2018 thru December 15, 2018
Deadline: 12:00 Midnite, Saturday, December 15, 2018

“Faith, Hope & Charity, in the Modern World”
Essay must be original, no less than 600, nor more than 1000 words and written or typed in English or Spanish on Standard 8.5” x 11” letter paper. 
Separate Cover Sheet listing name, address and qualification.
Completed entries to be mailed to:
The Luz Fund, Inc.
512 White Oak Ave
Brandon, FL  33510

Winners will be announced Saturday, December 22, 2018.

Sponsored by The Luz Foundation, Inc.
·         Essays will remain the Literary property of the writer but with permission granted to The Luz Fund, Inc. for use and publication, with credit given to and notification of the writer.
·         Number of winners determined by number of sponsors recruited by The Luz Fund, Inc.
·         Parental/Guardian permission required for travel.   Male & Female Chaperones included.
·         All chaperones will be required to undergo a background and criminal investigation and receive Safe Environment Training.
·         Travel Insurance provided for each traveler.
·         Release of Liability waiver required prior to travel.
·         Sponsorship opportunities available.  Contact Information below.
If you wish to sponsor one or more winners, please contact us.

Additional Information available thru:   
or by calling, 813-689-3289.

NEXT MEDICAL MISSION - Juanjui, Peru - Fall 2019

Contact us via email:
  • Field Clinics in river villages with Family Care Physician and Nurses; Education Program with EMT's & Midwife; Paramedics for CPR, First Aid, Poison Control, Treatment of Animal bites.
  • Family Care Physicians, Plastics, Orthopedics, ARNP.  Diagnostics, Treatments, at The Luz Fund Sonrisas Children's Clinic, Lima.(tentative)

If you are a Medical Doctor, Dentist, or Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, or another specialty and are interested in helping in Juanjui or at The Luz Fund Children's Clinic in Lima, Please contact us for more information.

Positions needed include:
Family Care NP;
Midwife or Women's Health
RN/LPN;  (preceding specialties)
Non-Medical Assistants


Tel:      813-689-3289
Cel:      813-215-0071
Fax:      813-904-6914

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Looking ahead to 2018

          As we celebrate the holidays of 2017, I look back at the past year and start planning for 2018.
Although we were not as busy as we had hoped, we were able to get some planning accomplished.  Granted, maybe it is tentative planning, but hopefully we will see some long hoped for results.
Several issues prevented our usual visits to Peru during 2016/2017, but now all the bones have mended and I expect good reports from my own healthcare professionals.

          We were able to establish a donation program to assist some areas of Puerto Rico in a rebuilding effort.  That program carries on and you can find out more about it by contacting me.

          Veronica and Luz visited in 2017 and will again return, Luz in January, 2018 and Veronica  in February, 2018.  Veronica celebrates her 18th birthday this year, the age limit at Shriners Hospital and we will miss her when that happens.  Vero is an excellent student and maintains a high grade average in her studies.  It would be nice to see her attend University, especially one here in the states.  If you have any connections or knowledge regarding possible scholarships for foreign students, we could use the information.

          2018 should include a medical mission trip to Juanju, Peru, and a visit to the Hogar San Francisco de Asis, in Chaclacayo, Peru.  There are opportunities for volunteers to help at the Hogar San Francisco de Asis for young adults, from HS Seniors to young retirees,(like me).  There is no age limit when it comes to helping a child in need, by maybe helping him/her dress, eat, play, wash, or visit a medical clinic.  As I said, contact us for information.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

          We are still working to find a way to establish a free medical clinic in Lima for sick and destitute children.  We hope to staff the clinic with volunteer specialists from the US, Canada, and other countries and persons interested in the healthcare of children who's resources are nil.  If you are interested in supporting our work either as a Specialist or with financial resources, please drop an Email to

         Just an afterthought:
          Not sure what to do with that 'nest egg' you have been been working on?  Have too much in your checking or savings account?  You have a need to engage in a charitable foundation to help alleviate the payment of so much taxes?  Ask us about naming  the childrens clinic as a legacy to you or your family.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Return ? ? ?

I want soooo... much to return, I am aching to again walk the land of my ancestors.  Years are passing, time is running out, memories of Ireland, though not as fresh as they once were, are fading as though in a gradually increasing fog.  Hopefully this will be the year.  If not, then 2018 for sure.
In addition to Ireland, it has also been more than a year since my last visit to Hogar San Francisco de Asis in Chaclacayo, Peru.  I miss the kids there and the love that permeates the place.  So I am tentatively planning a visit in Spring.  A good friend will be in Lima with a cardiac surgery team and I want to be able to introduce her to the hogar and some of the kids and Dr Tony, who may need some of their expertise.
So, maybe a visit to Peru in the Spring and a return to Ireland in October / November, 2018.
Gosh, I miss both places.  If you are interested in joining us in Peru, contact me.  I am sure we will find room for you. 
If you are interested in joining us in Ireland,........welllll.......also contact me, we can plan it together.
( No....Ireland will not be a medical/mission trip. )

Monday, November 30, 2015

SUMMARY - November Mission

Again, close to 1000 grade school children in the Mariscal Caceras Province, located in the San Martin Region of Peru, have been tested for Congenital Heart Defects.  This is part of our ongoing program to help make 'late discovery' of the disease, past history in the area.  After receiving Echo Cardiography Diagnosis, several children were found in need of followup at the Cardiology Department at Los Ninos Hospital, Lima.
We were so lucky to have had two great doctors with us during the mission.  Dr Adam Ware, a Pedi Cardiologist from the University of Utah Children's Hospital, and Dr Isaac Alva, a Public Health Specialist, from Lima.  Dr Isaac spent some of his 'growing up' years and attended school in Juanjui.
Dr Michael Castillo helped us with some diagnoses and patient attention during some very busy days at the Juanjui Hospital.  Critical Care RN Charla Moye, Photo-Journalist Dana Blunk(Dr Adam's wife), Maria Tacunan and Eliana Morla, along with our local Juanjui crew worked many long 12 hour days to make this mission another success.  Villages visited included, Dos de Mayo, Campanilla, Parajillo, Santa Rosa and Huicungo.
Our next mission will likely be May/June 2016.  There seems to be a need for an Endocrinologist and of course a General Practitioner.

 Some of our best memories are our visit to schools for children with special needs

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sandra with her Papa, Ernesto in Tingo Maria, Peru, near Juanjui.  Her story, written by a friend is located on the right column of this blog, titled, Sandrita.  She is a few years older now, but still in need.  Please read it.  We want to try to help Sandra by having Shriners approve her as an international patient, just as Luz, Veronica, Franco and Tatiana were.  At present we are waiting on approval from Shriners.  I hope to visit Sandra and Ernesto in June when I am in Juanjui.  Hopefully I will have some good news for them, and possibly we will see Sandrita in Florida next year.

Monday, October 6, 2014

"Stethoscopes for Peru"

The Stethoscope Project is only a small part of our overall project to help people in the San Martin Region, Mariscal Caceres Province of Peru become aware of the need to check newborns, children, and adults, for signs of congenital heart defects, and to provide for them the means to do it, using their own resources.  I have a dear friend in Juanjui, Peru, her name is Dr Ingrid.  For 98% of the women and many of the children in the town of Juanjui and the river villages, she is their doctor.

Ingrid asked me last year to help her find a Cardiologist that could come to Juanjui.  She suspects there are a lot of undiagnosed cardiac issues among the population there. Women give birth, usually at home, and the child is likely never seen by a doctor. Thus many illnesses go undetected, as well as recognition of cardiac issues, treatable at a young age if discovered.  Many adults also show signs of cardiac disease but there is no doctor nor any close clinics or healthcare facilities where they can go, even if the financial resources were available.

A Cardiologist friend, now volunteering fulltime in China, Dr Robert Detrano, from UCLA Med School, wrote an article regarding the easiest way to make this happen in developing countries.  The article is available on request.  Thus starts the Juanjui Cardiac Project. The Stethoscopes for Peru is the first step in the project.

There is a small Nursing School in Juanjui and The Luz Fund enjoys a close working relationship with the administrator, Dr Vasquez.  But Stethoscope training is likely not understood well enough to allow the students to recognize cardiac issues when they hear them.  Our plan is to give the nursing students thorough instruction on Stethoscope heart sounds.  Then to use those students in a screening program, described by Dr Detrano, in the schools in the province of San Martin(Juanjui and the river villages).  Those students registering positive indicators will be further reviewed locally by a Luz Fund volunteer ECHO Tech and Cardiologist. Those still positive have already been pre-approved for referral to the Los Ninos Children’s Hospital, Lima, for followup, or to the heart team of Heart Care International(HCI).  HCI is a heart team from New York that visits Los Ninos Hospital twice each year to perform free heart surgeries on children who would otherwise never receive treatment, through no fault of their own.

I have been extremely fortunate, since we started this planning, to have a Portable Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine, a Seimens Acuson Cypress, donated to our organization, The Luz Fund, by Mina Tohid, a Sonographer from Los Angeles.  I feel that once started, this project can be carried on by local healthcare workers in a self sustaining manner.  A local person will receive professional training  to obtain good results with the portable ECHO. The results will help innumerable people, who at present, have no awareness of the potential problems they may have.
Tentative dates for implementing the program in Juanjui are September/October/November 2014.

I would be extremely grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide or to suggest.
If you would like to be included on a future trip to Peru with us, just ask.

Chuck Mulhern,  The Luz Fund
Tel:  813-689-3289 (Home)                                     
Cel:  813-215-0071