Monday, November 30, 2015

SUMMARY - November Mission

Again, close to 1000 grade school children in the Mariscal Caceras Province, located in the San Martin Region of Peru, have been tested for Congenital Heart Defects.  This is part of our ongoing program to help make 'late discovery' of the disease, past history in the area.  After receiving Echo Cardiography Diagnosis, several children were found in need of followup at the Cardiology Department at Los Ninos Hospital, Lima.
We were so lucky to have had two great doctors with us during the mission.  Dr Adam Ware, a Pedi Cardiologist from the University of Utah Children's Hospital, and Dr Isaac Alva, a Public Health Specialist, from Lima.  Dr Isaac spent some of his 'growing up' years and attended school in Juanjui.
Dr Michael Castillo helped us with some diagnoses and patient attention during some very busy days at the Juanjui Hospital.  Critical Care RN Charla Moye, Photo-Journalist Dana Blunk(Dr Adam's wife), Maria Tacunan and Eliana Morla, along with our local Juanjui crew worked many long 12 hour days to make this mission another success.  Villages visited included, Dos de Mayo, Campanilla, Parajillo, Santa Rosa and Huicungo.
Our next mission will likely be May/June 2016.  There seems to be a need for an Endocrinologist and of course a General Practitioner.

 Some of our best memories are our visit to schools for children with special needs

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