Thursday, December 12, 2013

Again, Christmas Comes Early

Three Christmas presents for 2013.
Last year (2012), after waiting for almost a month, on December 15 we were notified that Franco and Tatiana were accepted at Shriners for their surgery for bi-lateral clubfeet(BLCF).  They were here in Brandon for six months, April thru September.  After two surgeries each and five months with casts on both legs they went home to their family in October.  Each walking straight with a new pair of shoes.  (See Photo on an earlier post)

That was our 2012 Christmas present.
This year we have already received three presents. In the first photo, Francis, 1 1/2 years old, already has his second set of leg casts for correction of his BLCF at Los Ninos Hosp, Lima, Peru. 
Maybe five more cast changes. I think Francis is not too sure he agreed to this.

In the second photo, Jair, 10 years old from Juanjui, will be scheduled for surgery in January for his BLCF, at Los Ninos in Lima.  Dr Jose Morcuende, University of Iowa Childrens Hospital, was at Los Ninos Hospital in Lime last week to present an educational forum on the Ponseti Method of correcting club feet without surgery.  That will help Francis.  Jair, because of his age and other medical issues, will have surgery at Los Ninos in January for correction of his BLCF.

Third photo, a surprise gift. Yovanna, 4 years of age, needs Heart Surgery. May be scheduled for after the holidays.

Merry Christmas.

Many thanks for your continued support and prayers.

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