Friday, July 12, 2013

"Dr" Milagros Ingrid Hidalgo Panduro

Milagros Ingrid Hidalgo Panduro lives in the small town of Juanjui, San Martin Province, Peru.  Juanjui lies at the junction of the Hullaga and Huayabamba Rivers in northeastern Peru.  In the small town and the surrounding villages there is but one female womens doctor, that 'doctor' is Ingrid.
Ingrid loves the people of her home province of San Martin.  She travels by boat to visit the villages regularly to care for her patients, mostly expectant mothers, sometimes not returning home for several days.  There is no pre-natal nor post-natal care in Juanjui and many women give birth at home, without ever seeing a doctor during their pregnancy and rarely before or after, unless there is a major problem, and sometimes not then.
The people of Juanjui and San Martin are poor farmers and their families.  Many subsist by working on each others farms.  Cocoa, Citrus, and vegetables are the main products of the farms and the Cocoa beans from the San Martin area are prized by chocolate manufacturers in France, Germany, and other chocolate refining areas of western Europe.

Ingrid is 38 years old, unmarried, and lives with her aging mother, Camila.  In April, 2013, Ingrid was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.  There is no Cancer Treatment Center in Junajui, San Martin, not anyplace in Peru.  There is treatment for Cancer in Lima, eighteen hours away by bus or eight hours away by auto and air flight from Tarapoto.  The cost of travel and treatment is expensive.  Ingrid seldom charges for the service and treatment she provides for the women of San Martin and Juanjui.  She says that her needs are small compared to the services she provides to her patients.  But Ingrid was not prepared for her recent diagnosis.  Ingrid believes that God will provide for all her needs, and surely He will.  But there are also many patients of Ingrid who also stand to lose a good friend, a good Doctor, and for many, their only contact for good healthcare.
The Luz Fund is a registered 501c(3) charity based in Brandon, Florida.  We have been travelling to Juanjui, Peru, for several years bringing doctors and nurses to those in need.  We also bring children who need medical intervention, to the US for treatment unavailable to them in their home country. 

Those of you who have travelled with The Luz Fund to Peru have met and worked with Ingrid.  Ingrid has always been there during our visits, working side by side with us, providing free healthcare to those in need.  Although she was always there during our work, she was sometimes missing during our celebratory dinners, because she was off someplace, seeing another of her patients.  Now, Ingrid is the one in need. 

The Luz Fund seeks to raise $50,000.00 USD,  100% of which will be used to provide the care needed for Ingrid.  Any funds remaining will be used as an incentive to graduating, Spanish language medical students, to visit, and consider establishing an OB/Gyn medical practice in the Juanjui, San Martin Province of Peru.  Your assistance in helping us meet our goal is sincerely appreciated.  Letters of donation to assist you in tax preparation are available on request.
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