Friday, July 27, 2012


Much has happened since May 15.  Frank and Tatiana have been thru two surgeries each and are now on their third set of leg casts.  We have been very busy.  They are staying at our home and will likely be here for the rest of their time in the US, about two more months.

Their most recent casts allow weight-bearing, and they are walking and climbing all over the house.  Frank rode his bicycle yesterday and I had trouble keeping up with him.  We rode around the neighborhood just to get him back in the feel of the bike.  Sunday we plan a trip to Flatwoods Park for some distance riding.

Next Wednesday, August 1, they head back to Shriners Hospital to have their ankles unpinned and hopefully a change in casts that will allow them to start flexing their ankles.

They miss home, Papa, and their friends in Juanjui.

Attached is a link to a few of the latest photos:

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