Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Waiting

Frank, Tatiana, and their Mama, Flor are still waiting patiently in Lima for permission to travel to the US for their surgery.  Their appointment date of April 4 has come and gone, and we still wait.  A second date of April 18 has now gone, and still we wait.  All paperwork is in order, but they are being delayed by the US Embassy in Lima for issuing their Visas.  They just happened to be the unlucky random number that requires an Administrative Review.  In plain english, a thorough review and double check of their background and reasons for travel.
All is in readiness for them in Tampa.  The most recent new date for their first hospital appointment is April 25 with surgery scheduled for April 26.  But with each passing day, and no word from the State Dept, that date may also need to be changed. 
It is quite expensive keeping them in Lima while we wait.  Eliana has been doing an extremely commendable job of caring for them personally and medically, arranging transportation, hostel, expenses at the Embassy, keeping them clothed and entertainment.  Tatiana was ill for a few days but seems to be recovered now.  It is so difficult to be here in Brandon while they are there, separated from their home in Juanjui and the rest of their loving family.  Funds are extremely tight but we will do what we can because that is what we do.  We could not do otherwise for such a brave boy and girl who have ventured so far from their home for the first time in their short life and still face major surgery and a long rehabilitation.  Prayer does work, if you want to put in a word for them.

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