Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Expectations

As we start a new year plans are already underway for a visit by Veronica Condori Morocco, , to Tampa for her annual appointment at Shriners Hospital. We expect her arrival in early February along with her mother, Ynez. Originally her sister, Rosmery, with whom Veronica is living in Arequipa, was to accompany her. But it looks like the US Embassy in Lima said nothing doing. Apparently they are afraid that, because of her age, Rosmery will try to stay in the US and not return to Peru. It is something we will try to work on for next year with our Florida representatives in Congress.

The first mission for the year is tentatively scheduled for May / June. Dates are not set at this point. We are looking for an Optometrist who will do exams and issue glasses during a week at the Juanjui Institute in Juanjui. Depending on progress at the Juanjui Hospital, we will consider a primary care doc or Infectious Disease doc and several nurses.

If you are interested in travelling with us, drop an email. More later.

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