Monday, April 12, 2010

Catch Up

Time flys when you are with such beautiful people. I am talking about our girls from Peru and their mothers. So it is time to catch up on what has been happening with The Luz Fund during the past two months. Please click on the girls photos, at right, to gain access to their individual blogs and latest information.
When I say beautiful people, I am not just refering to their physical qualities. Both girls, and their Moms have an inner beauty that shows through as you spend more time with them. This seems to be prevalent with many of the children and parents we meet while doing this work.
Several things we are working on at present are:
  • The boy Abierto(see story below), - Needs a wheelchair - One is on the way with Luz trip home, compliments of Edy Barturen.
  • Help for the young boy, Jesus Fasabi(see story below) - Needs surgery.
  • Seeking donations of American Airlines Frequent Flier Miles for our kids.
  • Medical Mission to Juanjui, Peru. . . . (see:
  • Cardiac mission to Los Ninos, Lima, Peru.
  • We need a house. Tampa/Brandon area. For children and families when they visit.
  • If you think you can help in any of the areas above, call or email.

Just to make your day complete, we offer the following photos:

Ynes and Veronica head for home. Enith and Luz head for home.

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