Friday, February 5, 2010

Visit to Juanjui, Jan 2010 (Photo link at Top Right)

We are back from Juanjui and already looking forward to a return. Next time it will be with a medical group of doctors and nurses. The groundwork has been done. Invitations have been received from the Minister of Health and the City of Juanju to work in the Es Salud Hospital and to help re-establish the Juanjui Hospital for the poor. We visited with Luz and her family and also talked with some parents and children who could become beneficiaries of The Luz Fund. (see photos) Several children we met need wheelchairs and Eliana is working to obtain them locally in Peru where the funds spent will help the local community. We were also able to determine that the Los Ninos Hospital in Lima, could be a location for a Cardiac Team to work several times a year if desired. When we left Lima, we left Luz and her Mom, Enith behind. As soon as they clear their visa’s with the US Embassy they will join us in Tampa for Luz’ annual visit to Shriners. Veronica and her Mom, Ynes, are expected to arrive February 14. So it looks like some interesting and busy days ahead for The Luz Fund.

Jesus Fasabi, above with his Mom, was born with a mouth and a stomach but nothing in between to connect them. He is 12 years of age and his Mom, herself suffering from Diabetes, has been feeding and caring for him since birth. She feeds him through tubes direct into his stomach. Maybe a surgeon in the US would be interested in taking him as a patient.

Abierto, at right with his parents, needs a wheelchair. Eliana is looking for one in Peru.

If you are a healthcare professional and are interested, we hope to take with us in late Summer, a GP, a Pediatrician, a Cardiologist, and an OBGyn or Midwife.

NOTE: Our travels, such as this visit to Juanjui, are all self funded and not paid from the Luz Fund account. 100% of donations expended are for benefit of the children we assist and their families. We thank you for your continued support.

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