Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An invitation to doctors

A Pediatrician and an OBGyn doctor are needed to take part in a scout mission to Juanjui, Peru, from January 16 thru January 23. Participants will be required to pay their own transportation from the US to Tarapoto, Peru. Overland travel from Tarapoto as well as lodging and some food will be provided by Acopagro, Inc. Participants will have first consideration on return visits to Peru and other medical missions sponsored by earthMed and The Luz Fund.
The purpose of the visit is to inspect the local hospital facility in preparation for a full medical mission during the Summer of 2010. At the invitation of the Regional Minister of health and the local Medical Director, the participants will hold a field clinic at the hospital and in the community. The results of the field clinic will provide information regarding the most necessary needs of the community which can be addressed during planning for the Summer mission.
During a three day field clinic we could expect to see up to 300 patients. Simple procedures could be scheduled during this short stay. More complicated procedures will be addressed during the Summer mission or referred to Los Ninos Hospital, in Lima.
The mission will be governed by The Luz Fund and earthMed.org, both are registered with the IRS as 501c(3) not for profit charities. Information about earthMed can be found at http://www.earthmed.org/, who recently returned from a successful cardiac surgery mission to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Luz Fund is a local Brandon organization helping children of the world receive needed medical care in local hospitals, such as Shriners, regardless of their ability to pay. Because of recent history of The Luz Fund and the children assisted with the Brandon / Tampa area, every effort is being made to incorporate local healthcare professionals on this endeavor. More information about The Luz Fund can be found at: http://theluzfund.blogspot.com/
Interested parties please contact Chuck Mulhern, Founder of The Luz Fund and Assistant Director of earthMed at 813-215-0071 or, TheLuzFund@verizon.net
The village of Juanjui, Peru, is located in the Department of San Marten, Peru, considered the jungle highlands of Northeast Peru. The nearest hospital with services is located in Tarapoto. There is a small hospital located in Juanjui. earthMed hopes to improve the services at Juanjui and Tarapoto by providing education, services, equipment and knowledge to existing healthcare facilities and personnel. The Luz Fund website above, shows some of the problems residents in the Juanjui and Tarapoto area must overcome when faced with what otherwise would be routine procedures. The education of local nurses, doctors, and technicians to help raise their skill levels will do much to raise the standard of healthcare in the local community. This will also help to bring the true compassionate face of America to those in need.

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