Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Looking ahead to 2018

          As we celebrate the holidays of 2017, I look back at the past year and start planning for 2018.
Although we were not as busy as we had hoped, we were able to get some planning accomplished.  Granted, maybe it is tentative planning, but hopefully we will see some long hoped for results.
Several issues prevented our usual visits to Peru during 2016/2017, but now all the bones have mended and I expect good reports from my own healthcare professionals.

          We were able to establish a donation program to assist some areas of Puerto Rico in a rebuilding effort.  That program carries on and you can find out more about it by contacting me.

          Veronica and Luz visited in 2017 and will again return, Luz in January, 2018 and Veronica  in February, 2018.  Veronica celebrates her 18th birthday this year, the age limit at Shriners Hospital and we will miss her when that happens.  Vero is an excellent student and maintains a high grade average in her studies.  It would be nice to see her attend University, especially one here in the states.  If you have any connections or knowledge regarding possible scholarships for foreign students, we could use the information.

          2018 should include a medical mission trip to Juanju, Peru, and a visit to the Hogar San Francisco de Asis, in Chaclacayo, Peru.  There are opportunities for volunteers to help at the Hogar San Francisco de Asis for young adults, from HS Seniors to young retirees,(like me).  There is no age limit when it comes to helping a child in need, by maybe helping him/her dress, eat, play, wash, or visit a medical clinic.  As I said, contact us for information.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

          We are still working to find a way to establish a free medical clinic in Lima for sick and destitute children.  We hope to staff the clinic with volunteer specialists from the US, Canada, and other countries and persons interested in the healthcare of children who's resources are nil.  If you are interested in supporting our work either as a Specialist or with financial resources, please drop an Email to TheLuzFund@gmail.com

         Just an afterthought:
          Not sure what to do with that 'nest egg' you have been been working on?  Have too much in your checking or savings account?  You have a need to engage in a charitable foundation to help alleviate the payment of so much taxes?  Ask us about naming  the childrens clinic as a legacy to you or your family.

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