Friday, August 21, 2015

NEXT MISSION - Juanjui, Peru - Contact us via email:
  • Field Clinics in river villages with Family Care Physician and Nurses; Education Program with EMT's & Paramedics for CPR, First Aid, Poison Control, Treatment of Animal bites.
  • Family Care Physicians, Plastics, Orthopedics, ARNP.  Diagnostics, Treatments, at The Luz Fund Sonrisas Children's Clinic, Lima.(tentative)

If you are a Medical Doctor, Dentist, or Nurse Practitioner with another specialty and are interested in helping in Juanjui or at The Luz Fund Children's Clinic in Lima, Please contact us for more information.

Positions needed include:
Family Care NP;
Cardiology NP; (Pediatric)
RN's;  (preceding specialties)


Tel:      813-689-3289
Cel:      813-215-0071
Fax:      813-904-6914

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